ZTE Axon S Might Have Horizontal Slider For Cameras

Smartphone manufacturers are trying all sorts of things in a race to build “full-screen” smartphones. This has involved notches, punch holes, pop-up mechanisms, and now sliders. Renders of an unannounced ZTE handset have surfaced online and it’s claimed that this device, the Axon S, will have a slider that moves horizontally to reveal the camera system.

Myspace Has Lost A Decade’s Worth Of Music Uploads

You may not give MySpace a second thought these days but it was a major social network a long time ago. It has obviously not aged well since the advent of Facebook and other platforms but has kept chugging along. A recent server migration will cause problems for users who have still been holding on to their MySpace uploads from over a decade ago because the platform has lost a […]

B&H To Start Charging Sales Tax In California Starting Next Month

B&H customers certainly appreciated that other than New York and New Jersey, it did not charge sales tax on purchases made online. That’s ending gradually, though, and the latest state to lose that tax-free status is California. The retailer has confirmed that it will start charging sales tax in California from April 1st.

Facebook’s New AI Tool Detects Revenge Porn Proactively

Facebook is expanding its use of artificial intelligence to moderate the content that gets uploaded to its platform in order to ensure that the community guidelines are not violated. The company has revealed that it’s now using a new artificial intelligence tool which is capable of proactively detecting and flagging revenge porn.


Groove Music OneDrive Track Streaming Ends March 31st

Groove Music is getting the proverbial final nail in the coffin. It already ended the Groove Music Pass streaming service back in 2017 but did allow users to stream their own tracks stored in OneDrive. That will no longer be possible after the end of this month. It has been confirmed that Groove Music OneDrive streaming will end on March 31st.

Tumblr Loses One-Fifth Of Its Users After Porn Ban

Tumblr announced in December last year that it will no longer allow pornographic content on its platform. It may have been widely used for sharing stories and images but there was a large subset of users that stuck with Tumblr because it allowed adult content. The ban has resulted in one-fifth of Tumblr’s user base deserting the platform.

Dropbox Only Allows Three Devices On Its Free Plan Now

Dropbox has quietly made a change that’s going to affect all of its users who are on the free plan. It no longer allows unlimited device linking for free accounts. This means that unless users upgrade to one of its paid plans which start at just over $8 per month, they will be restricted to three devices for a single account.

Facebook And Instagram Are Down In Some Parts Across The Globe

It’s not uncommon for major platforms like Facebook and Instagram to have some downtime and normally it doesn’t take them very long to come back up. Reports are coming in from several markets across the globe this morning that Facebook and Instagram are down for users. Facebook and Instagram have not yet commented on the matter so there’s no official version of events as yet.

Facebook Coin Rumors Supported By ‘Pay With Facebook’ Option

It has been reported for a while now that Facebook is looking to launch its own digital currency that’s commonly referred to as Facebook Coin right now. The company hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this as yet but a new “Pay with Facebook” option noticed by users in Italy suggests that it may not be long before we hear from Facebook about this.

Firefox Send Encrypted File Sharing Service Goes Live

Mozilla launched Firefox Send in beta quite a while back. It’s a file-sharing service that allows users to share files with end-to-end encryption. The link to the file automatically expires so that users have peace of mind that their stuff doesn’t stay online for free. Mozilla has now confirmed that Firefox Send is no longer an experiment as it has exited the beta.

Adobe Shockwave To Be Discontinued At Last On April 9th

It’s not just Flash that Adobe has given up on. Taking into account customer feedback, Adobe has confirmed that it’s now going to discontinue Shockwave at last for Windows. This will happen next month, on April 9th to be precise, after Adobe already phased out the Director authoring tool and the Mac player two years ago.

YouTube To Display Fact Checks On Search Results For Sensitive Topics

Like any major online platform, YouTube also has a misinformation problem. A recent study found that videos on YouTube have contributed to the rise in the number of people who believe that the Earth is flat. The company has now decided to launch a new information panel which will be used to display fact checks when users search for controversial and sensitive topics.

Facebook Cracking Down On Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook announced this week that it’s going to reduce the reach of anti-vaccine content on the world’s largest social network. Such content will no longer be allowed to be promoted through recommendations or advertisements and will also be made less prominent in search results. These are the actions that it’s taking short of taking down anti-vaccine posts entirely.

Google Image Searches Get Shoppable Ads

Google is looking to encourage visitors to shop through its search results and it’s taking some inspiration from services like Instagram and Pinterest for this. Google has started testing shoppable ads in image searches. So if you’re looking at living room furnishing ideas in Google Images, you’ll be able to purchase a table or sofa by clicking on the shopping tag button.