Facebook Introduces Some Restrictions For Live Video Streaming

You can instantly stream live video on Facebook with the Facebook Live feature and following the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand which was streamed live on the platform, the world’s largest social network is now rolling out some restrictions for Facebook Live. The company says that it has been reviewing what more it can do to limit its services from being used to spread hate, hence these restrictions.

Facebook Increasing Pay For Contract Workers In North America

Facebook has announced today that it’s increasing the hourly pay rate for thousands of its contract workers in North America. The base rate that the company pays its contractors is being increased from $15 per hour to $18. There will also be marginally higher rates than this in cities where the costs of living are higher, up to $22 per hour in some cities.

Amazon Taking Solid Steps Against Toxic School Supplies

An investigation by the Washington Attorney General’s Office had revealed that many children’s products sold on Amazon had high levels of lead and cadmium. The levels were higher than what’s allowed and it’s particularly concerning since they were found in school supplies meant for children. Amazon has now said that it will enforce stricter rules across the country on sales of school supplies and jewelry through its platform.

The U.S. Military Is Unsure About The Number Of Websites It Runs

One would expect that the U.S. military would have a firm grasp on the number of websites that it runs but that doesn’t seem to be the case, or perhaps they just don’t want to make a figure official. Nevertheless, acting director of the Defense Media Activity at Fort Meade, Maryland, Paul Haverstick, has said that the number of websites run by the Pentagon is “undefined.”


Facebook Co-Founder Wants The Social Network To Be Broken Up

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet and no other service has the kind of reach and influence that it boasts. This has obviously led to concerns about competition in the marketplace, with some calling for the social network to be broken up. Joining those calls is one of Facebook’s co-founders Chris Hughes.

How To Block Websites On Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular web browser. Whether you want to increase your productivity at work or you want to set up parental control for your child, there are ample reasons why you would want to block some websites on your Chrome browser.

Google Duplex On The Web Can Book Rental Cars For You

Google introduced its Duplex technology for the Assistant at I/O last year. It lets the Assistant call up businesses on your behalf for things like restaurant reservations. The AI can actually speak to the person on the other end on your behalf. Google is now expanding this technology to the web so that the AI can also perform other trivial tasks on your behalf, such as booking a rental car […]

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Will Have Internet Explorer Built In

Microsoft has confirmed some new changes for the Chromium-based Edge browser that it has been working on. One of the biggest additions is an “IE Mode” for Edge which basically means that Microsoft’s legacy Internet Explorer browser would be built into the new Edge. While you may have stopped using Internet Explorer a long time back, the browser is still required by many businesses to load internal sites.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Platform May Take On Apple Pay

It was first reported last year that Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency of its own which would be backed by the U.S. dollar. Users will reportedly be able to transfer the coin to each other over WhatsApp. A new report mentions that Facebook’s plan for its stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that’s backed by an actual currency, go far beyond what was initially expected.

Google Lens Picks Up Support For Japanese

Google Lens was introduced back in 2017. It can simply be described as a real-life reverse image search where users rely on their handset’s camera to identify objects in real life. Lens enables them to learn more about the things around them. It’s particularly useful for translating languages you don’t know and if like me you can’t read Japanese, you’re going to like the fact that Google Lens now has […]

Facebook’s FTC Settlement May Include Independent Privacy Oversight

Facebook has been the subject of a Federal Trade Commission investigation into its privacy practices following the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other incidents. Earlier reports have suggested that the company could be looking at a multi-billion dollar fine. A new report suggests that the terms of its settlement may also include independent oversight of Facebook’s privacy practices.

13 MLB Games To Be Streamed Live On YouTube And YouTube TV Exclusively

A new partnership between YouTube and the MLB has been announced today which will see the former exclusively live streaming 13 MLB games on both YouTube and YouTube TV. This will be during the second half of the regular baseball season. This is not the first time that YouTube has teamed up with MLB, it’s already a presenting partner for the ongoing World Series. However, this does happen to be […]

Indiegogo Will No Longer Allow Anti-Vaccine Campaigns

There has been a growing movement against vaccines in recent years with parents in some communities across the country refusing to vaccinate their children. This can cause an outbreak of diseases like measles among others when someone picks it up, often from a visit overseas. Measles is contagious and can even be fatal for children. Some tech platforms are now doing their bit in preventing this and Indiegogo has joined […]

Facebook Being Investigated For Scraping Contacts From Emails

Another day, other privacy investigation concerning Facebook. The New York attorney general’s office has confirmed that it has launched an investigation against Facebook’s “unauthorized collection of 1.5M of their users’ email contact databases.” The investigation has been announced following recent reports that Facebook had been scraping the contact list of some users who had joined the social network after 2016.