Apple Watch Will Try To Reduce False Afib Notifications

One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a built-in ECG. The feature seems to have saved more than its fair share of lives to date, but at the same time it seems that some doctors aren’t a fan of the feature as it seems to be causing undue panic for some of their patients.

3.5mm DJI Osmo Pocket Adapter Is Finally Available

DJI released its handheld vlogging camera Osmo Pocket in December and it has finally made an accessory available that many users had been waiting for. It has released the 3.5mm microphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket. The adapter plugs into the camera’s USB Type-C port and can work with microphones.

Sony Patent Hints At Wireless PSVR Headset

Sony has seen considerable success with its PSVR headset. If you were wondering whether the company has any plans to make a wireless version of its popular headset, there just might be hope. A new patent has been uncovered which suggests that Sony has given some thought to making a wireless PSVR headset.

LG Releases Pricing For Some 2019 OLED TV Models

LG showed off its new 2019 OLED TV lineup not too long ago and the company is finally in a position to confirm how much it’s going to ask for the new TVs. The company is great at making premium OLED TVs and they’re obviously priced accordingly. Since the new lineup sticks with that strategy, you can expect them to be as pricey as their predecessors.


Garmin Unveils Marq Lineup Of Smartwatches Starting At $1,500

We’ve seen how some companies have attempted to create luxury smartwatches, such as Apple who made Apple Watches out of gold and ceramic to try and appeal to customers who didn’t mind paying extra for the luxury. It didn’t quite work out for Apple, but Garmin seems to be willing to give it a shot.

IKEA And Sonos To Unveil Their SYMFONISK Speakers Next Month

Last year IKEA announced that they would be teaming up with Sonos to create a set of smart speakers. IKEA had previously dabbled in Bluetooth speakers, but this would mark the first time the company would be launching a set of smart speakers, and the good news is that we might be able to get a glimpse of it next month.

$380K ‘Flying Motorcycle’ Uses Five Modified Jet Engines

California-based Jetpack Aviation has started taking orders for a $380,000 “flying motorcycle” that seems to have just come off the Star Wars set. This isn’t a fictional product, though, as JetPack Aviation is now taking orders for the “Speeder.” It uses five modified jet engines to hit speeds of at least 150 miles per hour.

Ikea Has Delayed The Release Of Its Smart Blinds

Ikea unveiled its smart blinds not too long ago. The company was supposed to release them in the United States next month but it has now decided to delay the release. The company will now be releasing its smart blinds later in 2019, it’s going to work on improved firmware in the meantime.

Google Reportedly Downsizing Tablet And Laptop Division

Has Google decided that its tablet and laptop gambit has not paid off? A new report claims so. It mentions that Google is downsizing its laptop and tablet hardware divisions. The company is said to be asking employees to move to other positions within Alphabet temporarily due to “roadmap cutbacks.”

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat Can Now Detect Sleep Apnea

According to the statistics, about 22 million people in the US suffer from sleep apnea. It’s not something that you might know you have, but if you usually find yourself waking up feeling more tired despite having 8 hours of sleep (or more), there is a chance that sleep apnea could be the reason.

LG Snow White Will Do For Ice Cream What Keurig Did For Coffee

Keurig is well known for its single serve pod-based coffee machines. Other companies like Nespresso have similar coffee machines on the market as well. It’s a formula that has worked well for these companies as they sell the machines and then continue to make money by selling customers single-use pods. LG wants to employ the same formula for ice cream, it seems. The company showed off a prototype of a […]

Google’s Smart Displays Get Continued Conversations

In the early days of digital assistants, whenever you wanted to ask the digital assistant something new, you’d have to launch it again. This is very unnatural because in real life, do you keep calling out your friend’s name whenever you have a conversation? Chances are you don’t, which is why many digital assistants still feel quite unnatural even until this day.

Huawei Reportedly Launching Two New Smartwatches Soon

Huawei launched the Huawei Watch GT last year but the smartwatch wasn’t powered by Wear OS, Google’s wearable operating system. It’s powered by Lite OS which is made by the company itself. According to a new report, Huawei has two additional models of the Watch GT in the pipeline and both of them will run on the company’s own operating system.

Steinway’s Spirio R Grand Piano Can Record Your Live Performances

These days thanks to recording equipment being more affordable and accessible, along with there being various software options to consider, the ability to record and produce high quality music in the comfort of your bedroom is more than possible. However it seems that Steinway & Sons wants to make it even more convenient.