New Powerful Spyware Discovered That Targets iPhone Users

Due to Android being more open and how apps can be easily installed outside of the Google Play Store, it’s not uncommon to hear about people running into issues with malware. But to assume that the iPhone is safer would be wrong. In fact, more recently, researchers mobile security firm Lookout have discovered a new and powerful spyware that is aimed at iPhone users.

Huawei Seemingly Open To Selling Its 5G Modems To Apple

According to recent reports, it suggested that Apple might be running into some issues in sourcing 5G modems for its iPhones. The company had been previously rumored to launch its 5G iPhone in 2020, but recent reports claim that it might launch in 2021 instead. However, it seems that Apple might have a helping hand in the form of Huawei.

Apple Rumored To Launch 6.1 And 6.5 Inch iPhones This Year

A new report makes some claims about Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup. It had previously been rumored that the new iPhones would be direct successors tot he iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max from last year. However, the new report claims that in addition to spec improvements for the XR and XS, Apple will also be launching two new models with 6.1 inch and 6.5 inch OLED displays.

5G iPhone Could Still Be On Track For 2020

According to a report from last year, it was suggested that Apple’s 5G iPhone might arrive in 2020. However, a report from last week revealed that Apple might miss that deadline and that their 5G iPhone could actually be launched in 2021 instead. This is apparently due to Apple finding it hard to obtain the necessary 5G components.


Your Future Apple Watch And iPhone Will Tell You If You Stink

Our smart devices these days are becoming increasingly capable, where they have the ability to measure things like our heart rate. However, it seems that in the future, the Apple Watch and iPhone could become more capable at reading certain aspects of our health, such as maybe even our body odor.

5G iPhone Might Not Arrive Until 2021

While Android handset makers appear to be eager to push out 5G smartphones in 2019, Apple could actually be planning to take a backseat on 5G iPhones for this year. Instead, last we heard, the company might launch their 5G iPhone in 2020. However, it seems that iPhone users might have to wait longer than that.

Three OLED iPhones Coming In 2020 With New Screen Sizes

For the past couple of years, Apple has chosen to release three new iPhones with a mixture of OLED and LCD screens. However, come 2020, Apple could change that and instead launch three new iPhones, all of which will be using an OLED display. This is based on a report from DigiTimes (via 9to5Mac) who cites sources from the supply chain.

2019 iPhones Will Support Two-Way Wireless Charging, Come With Larger Batteries

We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be interested in exploring the concept of reverse wireless charging, or two-way wireless charging where the phone can not only be wirelessly charged, but can also charge other devices wirelessly. We have heard rumors that this could be a feature coming to the 2019 iPhones, and now it looks like we have more support for those claims.

Apple’s 2019 iPhones Could Offer Reverse Wireless Charging

When Apple launched their 2017 iPhones, they finally introduced wireless charging to its smartphones. In fact there have been recently discovered patents that even suggests that Apple could be interested in reverse wireless charging. However it looks like those patents could very well come true soon enough.

How to Create App Folders on iPhone

Staying organized is a way to save time. You can do this by Creating folders and Grouping Apps of same nature all at one place. It is effortless and an efficient practice which you must follow absolutely. In this article, we will walk you through all the steps needed to Create Folders and Group apps on iPhone

New Report ‘Confirms’ 2019 iPhones Will Sport A Triple Camera

With Android smartphones these days starting to feature triple cameras or more, it makes the iPhone’s dual cameras feel downright pedestrian. However according to earlier rumors, there were some claims that suggested that 2019’s iPhones could come with a triple camera setup, which seems to be the rage these days.

iPhone Saves Life Of Its Owner By Taking An Arrow Meant For Him

In the past we have come across incredible stories of how our gadgets have managed to save lives by stopping things like bullets and shrapnel. Adding to those stories is a report out of Australia in which it seems that a man from New South Wales had his life saved by his iPhone when it stopped an arrow that was shot at him.

Best Phone Cameras, By Photo Quality & Hardware Capabilities

Searching for the best smartphone camera? You are at the right place. We test and rank the best camera phones with our Uber-G Camera IQ score, which comes from analyzing photos from up close, and explained in our Mobile Camera Reviews.

iPhone XS, XS Max Suffering From Animation Stutter Bug

Apple’s new iPhones are supposed to represent the best that the company has to offer in terms of hardware and technological advancements. They feature the most powerful chipset that Apple has to offer, but it seems that despite being as powerful as they are meant to be, some users are running into some stuttering issues on their phone.