Google Found An iMessage Bug That Could Brick iPhones

For a feature that has been around for a while, you would think that Apple would have ironed out whatever issues there might be with its iMessage platform. According to a recent post by Google’s Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich, it appears that they discovered an iMessage bug that has the possibility of bricking an iPhone.

Apple Rumored To Be Working On Cheaper iPhone For China

Apple doesn’t usually make iPhone models that are specific to one country but that could be about to change if a new report out of China is to be believed. It claims that the company is working on a new iPhone which will be cheaper and will only be available in China.

New Alleged CAD Images Of The iPhone 11 Leaked Online

According to previously leaked photos, it has been suggested that this year’s iPhones might come with a new camera bump design shaped like a square. So far no one has really disputed those images, and if you’re looking for more potential evidence of that being true, then these CAD images might be worth checking out.

This iPhone Battery Case Can Charge Your AirPods As Well

The AirPods comes with its own charging case that will extend its battery life. However, it can be inconvenient having to carry your phone and the charging case at the same time, and that’s why the Power1 iPhone case on Kickstarter has managed to capture our attention.


Tim Cook: Apple Is Working On Products That Will ‘Blow You Away’

Given how instrumental Jony Ive was in Apple’s success, thanks to his designs, it was no doubt a huge blow for the company when the famed designer announced that after 30 years, he would be finally leaving Apple and starting his own design company. We’re sure that there are probably some who are concerned about the future of the company, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook doesn’t seem to be too […]

Apple’s 2019 iPhones Could Run Into Supply Constraints

Our phones are made out of multiple components which are sourced from all over the world. While diversifying component suppliers makes sense, it also means that in the event that something goes wrong in that part of the world, it could hinder production or supply, which is what Apple could potentially be facing.

iFixit’s ‘See Through’ iPhone Cases Are Pretty Rad

iFixit, for those unfamiliar, is a company that specializes in providing consumers with tools that allow them to take their devices apart and potentially fix it themselves. They are also known for publishing teardown reports of our mobile devices, where we get to see what it looks like inside a phone and what are some of the things inside a phone that we might not have known about.

Mophie’s Latest iPhone Battery Case Offers Wired And Wireless Charging

One of the upsides to using a battery case for your phone is that it eliminates the need to take a power bank out with you as it is essentially attached to the device. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Mophie has since launched a new battery case for the iPhone.

Famed Apple Designer Jony Ive Announces His Departure From The Company

When it comes to Apple, there are several names that are synonymous with the company. One of those names is Jony Ive, who for the past three decades has helped Apple create its signature look in its products, where he can be credited for a variety of design of Apple products ranging from its computers to its mobile devices.

Apple Has Started Selling Diabetes Monitors In Its Stores

If there is an area of health that we know Apple is interested in, it would be diabetes and glucose monitoring. This is because at the moment, measuring glucose levels involves drawing a bit of blood, which some might find uncomfortable doing. This is why we have heard rumors that Apple could be developing a non-invasive way of measuring glucose levels through products like the Apple Watch.

Apple Might Have Just Scrapped Plans For Quantum Dot Cameras For Future iPhones

A lot of the focus and emphasis these days when it comes to marketing phones seems to be mostly focused on the camera and how well the phones can take photos. Apple has long had a reputation for creating cameras that can take pretty amazing photos (not necessarily the best of the best, but it’s pretty solid), although it seems that the company could have recently scrapped plans that would […]

Man Fends Of Burglar After Holding His iPhone Like A Gun

Our phones look nothing like guns, but perhaps in the dark and if held properly, it might pass off as a weapon, especially if the other person did not know better. This was something that a Miami Beach homeowner was counting on when a burglar tried to break into his vehicle, where he held his iPhone like a gun to fend the burglar off until the police arrived.

Thanks To The iPhone, Apple Is Now The Fourth Largest Gaming Company In The World

When you think of gaming companies, you might think of the big three – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. You might also think of EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, and so on, but it seems that as far as the world is concerned, Apple might be a name to consider as according to analysts at Newzoo, Apple is said to be the fourth largest gaming company in the world.

iOS 13 Will Use Your iPhones To Fix Your Apple TV’s Audio Sync Issues

We’re sure that we’ve all watched videos in which the video and audio are completely out of sync with each other. It can be a bit disconcerting and can be very annoying. There are various ways to fix that, but it seems that with iOS 13, Apple has plans to use your iPhone to help fix any audio sync issues that you might be experiencing with your Apple TV.