Smartphone App Can Help Diagnose Ear Infections Using A Paper Cone

Thanks to technology, our smartphones have come a very long way from being just a device that can make phone calls, send emails, play music, and surf the web. These days our smartphones are becoming increasingly competent where they are being used in the medical field as ultrasound scanners and also as tools to help detect Alzheimer’s.

Instagram Is Killing Off Its Standalone Direct Message App

Instagram has a direct messaging feature built into its app, also known as Direct. For some reason, the company decided that it was a good idea to launch a dedicated and standalone version of the feature which resulted in app known as Direct. Turns out that maybe it was not as popular as Instagram would have liked because it looks like they’re killing it off.

Valve’s Steam Link App Is Now Available For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Last year, Valve announced the Steam Link app for mobile devices. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the Steam Link app basically allows gamers to play their Steam games on their mobile devices. This works by streaming games from your computer onto your smartphone or tablet.

You Can Download The Official OnePlus 7 Pro Wallpapers

Yesterday OnePlus officially launched the OnePlus 7 Pro, the higher-end smartphone out of the two models that were announced. It comes with pretty impressive hardware like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, a 90Hz display, and a triple camera setup, just to name a few. It was also shown off sporting some stunning wallpapers.


Adobe Photoshop For iPad Beta Signups Are Now Open

While some form of Adobe’s Photoshop has always been available on mobile devices, it isn’t quite as robust or complex compared to the desktop version of the app. However, last year announced alongside the new iPad Pros, Adobe also revealed that the “real” Photoshop would be coming to the iPad as well.

WhatsApp Vulnerability Allowed Hackers To Inject Spyware

One of the features of WhatsApp that the company loves to boast about would be its end-to-end encryption. This means that messages sent and received are thoroughly encrypted, thus preventing hackers from intercepting them and reading them. However, it seems that while the app might be protected on that front, there was a vulnerability that was open.

Adobe Really Doesn’t You To Use Older Versions Of Creative Cloud Apps

If you were to buy a piece of software, you’d think that you would be able to use it whenever you like and for however long you like, right? Unfortunately, in the case of Adobe, it seems that the company is really not thrilled about its users using older versions of Creative Cloud apps, to the point where it seems that they have sent out warnings to its subscribers to […]

Google Play Store Now Suggesting Users To Uninstall Unused Apps

We all have a ton of apps on our phone, some more than others. However, like most people, there is a chance that at the end of the day, there are only a handful of apps that we might use on a day-to-day basis, while there might be others that we use once in a while. This means that there are a lot of apps sitting our devices that are […]

Bad Update Crashes Hundreds Of Police Ankle Monitors

Ankle monitors are useful for keeping track of people who are under house arrest. It means that police will know at all times where the person is, and is much more efficient than sticking a couple of officers on them all day. However, the ankle monitors need to work in order for it to be effective, which for a brief moment wasn’t the case.

Android Q Will Let Apps Record Audio From Other Apps

Mobile gaming is a big thing and as such, it’s not surprising that more content creators could be focused on creating videos dedicated to mobile games. However, there is the question of how does one successfully capture audio from your mobile game? There are screen recording apps out there, but for the most part, they can’t capture audio.

Tinder Lite To Facilitate Users In Emerging Markets

Many online services have launched “Lite” versions of their apps in order to cater to users in emerging markets. The majority of users in such markets don’t have high-end phones and access to mobile data comes at a premium as well. These apps are capable of running on low-end devices while being less data hungry. Tinder will now be launching such an app for its service.

Instagram Testing Stickers With Song Lyrics

It’s usual for Instagram to test out new features before deciding whether or not they will be rolled out to the public. We often hear about some of these features as they’re being tested. It appears that Instagram is now testing a new feature for stickers in Instagram Stories. It will enable users to apply stickers with song lyrics in their stories.

Apple Launches ‘Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard’, Their First Original Game In A Decade

While the iOS App Store is filled with games, almost none of them are developed by Apple. However, it seems that in the past few days, Apple has released a game dubbed “Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard”. This is a game that seems to be centered on one of Apple’s more prominent investors, Warren Buffett.

WhatsApp Support For Windows Phone Ends This Year

WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform messaging service. You can bet that a lot of people who still use older devices continue to rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends and family. However, those who use the service on a Windows Phone might want to take not. That’s because the WhatsApp Windows Phone support will end later this year.