Motorola Could Have A Smartphone Powered By Samsung’s Exynos Chipset

Samsung has their own chipsets in the form of the Exynos range. However for the most part, these Exynos chipsets have been exclusive to Samsung devices, but if recent benchmarks are to be believed, Motorola could be working on a handset that is powered by Samsung’s Exynos chipset.

Huawei’s P30 Series Might Not Come Cheap

Our smartphones these days are increasing in prices and if you’re hoping that the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will change that, think again. According to a report from, it seems that the upcoming P30 will be priced at 749 Euro, while the P30 Pro will be priced starting at 999 Euro for the base model, but will go up to 1,099 Euro for the 256GB model.

Netflix Confirms They Won’t Be Part Of Apple’s Streaming Service

Apple has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 25th of March where the company is largely expected to unveil the new video streaming service. The service is expected to play home to Apple’s own original content, as well as act as a hub where users can subscribe to other streaming services as well.

Apple Watch Will Try To Reduce False Afib Notifications

One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a built-in ECG. The feature seems to have saved more than its fair share of lives to date, but at the same time it seems that some doctors aren’t a fan of the feature as it seems to be causing undue panic for some of their patients.


Old iPad Cases Won’t Fit Apple’s New iPad Air And iPad Mini

Apple recently launched their new iPads in the form of the 10.5-inch iPad Air and the iPad mini. For those who are planning to get the new iPads and are thinking that maybe some of your older iPad cases can still fit (like the iPad mini), think again. According to AppleInsider, it seems that the new iPads won’t play nice with existing cases.

Intel Will Build The Country’s First Exascale Supercomputer

The United States does hold the crown for having the world’s most powerful supercomputer but it’s now looking to the future. With several countries in a race to build exascale supercomputers, the United States will be building such a system as well. Intel will develop the system in partnership with sub-contractor Cray Computing.

You vs. Wild Is Netflix’s Next Interactive Show Starring Bear Grylls

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was Netflix’s first attempt at making interactive content which allowed viewers to choose their own ending. It was well received and Netflix said that it would make more interactive content down the line. The company today confirmed its next such show. It’s called You vs. Wild and it stars Bear Grylls.

3.5mm DJI Osmo Pocket Adapter Is Finally Available

DJI released its handheld vlogging camera Osmo Pocket in December and it has finally made an accessory available that many users had been waiting for. It has released the 3.5mm microphone adapter for the Osmo Pocket. The adapter plugs into the camera’s USB Type-C port and can work with microphones.

Apple TV Gets PlayStation Vue’s Multi-Picture Mode

PlayStation Vue, Sony’s live TV streaming service, isn’t just available on the company’s gaming consoles as the name might have you believe. It’s available on a wide variety of platforms including the Apple TV. The Apple TV is now getting a feature which has been available on the PS4 app for PlayStation Vue: multi-picture mode.

Sony Patent Hints At Wireless PSVR Headset

Sony has seen considerable success with its PSVR headset. If you were wondering whether the company has any plans to make a wireless version of its popular headset, there just might be hope. A new patent has been uncovered which suggests that Sony has given some thought to making a wireless PSVR headset.

Nintendo Announces Nindies Showcase For March 20th

Nintendo has made an unexpected announcement today for a new Showcase video presentation. That’s the company’s preferred format for sharing information about titles. The company has sent out a tweet confirming that it will hold a Nindies Showcase on March 20.

Bethesda Confirms E3 Press Briefing For This Year

Some of the biggest gaming companies will be making their announcements at E3 2019 in a few months and Bethesda fans will be excited to know that the company will be on that list this year. Bethesda has confirmed that it will indeed be conducting a media briefing on June 9th as part of its E3 2019 showcase.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Goes Official

Xiaomi had confirmed that it would be unveiling its new gaming smartphone on March 18th and the company has done just that today. The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 handset is official today. The number here doesn’t hide the fact that this is the successor to Xiaomi’s original Black Shark smartphone.

Microsoft Launches The Halo Insider Program

Microsoft operates an Insider program for a lot of its software products such as Windows and it has now decided to do the same for one of its most popular titles, Halo. Players who are interested in testing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC will now be able to sign up for the Halo Insider Program to test all of the games across PC and console.

Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser Sends Fanbase Into Frenzy

Tesla recently unveiled its Model Y crossover SUV and also teased other vehicle that many of its fans have long been waiting for. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla will build an all-electric pickup truck and he did share a teaser of it on Twitter. The teaser didn’t reveal much but it was enough to send the fanbase into a speculation frenzy.

Boeing’s 737 Max Safety Analysis Was Reportedly Flawed

Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have been grounded in several countries including the United States following the recent crash of Ethiopian Airlines. It was the second hull loss of the 737 Max 8 after the Lion Air crash merely six months ago. This has prompted concerns about a particular safety feature on the aircraft which additional data shows might have been the cause in both incidents, though a concrete link […]

Fisker Confirms New Electric SUV For Under $40,000

With Tesla unveiling an affordable SUV a few days ago, Fisker has now announced that it’s going to build a similar electric SUV as well. The company has said that this SUV will be priced under $40,000 and will have some advantages over its rivals. This includes greater range compared to the base Model Y variant.

ZTE Axon S Might Have Horizontal Slider For Cameras

Smartphone manufacturers are trying all sorts of things in a race to build “full-screen” smartphones. This has involved notches, punch holes, pop-up mechanisms, and now sliders. Renders of an unannounced ZTE handset have surfaced online and it’s claimed that this device, the Axon S, will have a slider that moves horizontally to reveal the camera system.

Myspace Has Lost A Decade’s Worth Of Music Uploads

You may not give MySpace a second thought these days but it was a major social network a long time ago. It has obviously not aged well since the advent of Facebook and other platforms but has kept chugging along. A recent server migration will cause problems for users who have still been holding on to their MySpace uploads from over a decade ago because the platform has lost a […]

Purdue University Bans Netflix In Academic Buildings

Don’t expect to catch up on your favorite shows during class if you go to Purdue University. That’s because the university has decided to ban Netflix and other streaming services in academic buildings. This ban extends to music streaming services as well in academic buildings on the West Lafayette, Ind., campus. The ban obviously applies if the students are using the university Wi-Fi.

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